The Rocky Mountain Surety Association is an association trade group comprised of surety industry professional entities including Surety Companies, Agencies/Brokers, Law Firms, Banks, Consultants and Accounting Firms. We are a non-profit organization headquartered in Denver, CO with members based across the Rocky Mountain Region, primarily in Colorado.

The purpose of the Association is the promotion of the surety industry in our Rocky Mountain Region, through the collective efforts of the surety professionals who make up the Association.

The goals of the RMSA include:

  1. Promotion of the use and benefits of surety bonds
  2. Monitor legislative and regulatory activity, and using the input of our members, take steps to influence legislative and regulatory activity when appropriate
  3. Educate and inform our members and communities about issues pertaining to corporate suretyship
  4. Provide a central voice for our industry members and our local public bodies, various non-member entities alike