Board of Directors

The Rocky Mountain Surety Association annually votes on a 9 member Board of Directors. 4 of these board positions are “General Director Positions” whom share common responsibilities pertaining to designated committee functions. The other 5 positions make up the Executive Committee which consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Immediate Past President. The Secretary is the first Officer position held on the Executive Committee in a succession of four, one year terms leading up to the President position.


The President is the CEO of the non-profit organization known as the RMSA. The President will oversee an executive group consisting of a Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The President’s responsibilities include final review and decision making regarding all RMSA related activities, organization of quarterly board meetings, securing speakers for quarterly luncheons, and coordination of all RMSA sanctioned events throughout the year.

Vice President

The Vice President assists the President, and is next in line to take over should the president be unable to fulfil their obligations for any reason. The Vice President will also lead the education effort for the RMSA. The VP will take the minutes at each board meeting and communicate them to the board. The VP will gather reports from each committee chairperson, and will at times chair committees if the appointed chairperson is unable to discharge their duties to the satisfaction of the board.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining, reconciling and accurately reporting the finances of the association to the board. This person is responsible for managing the collection of dues and all event monies along with depositing the funds. Also prepares budgets and forecasting for the board which is critical for planning. Works with our designated independent auditor who oversees the records and provides feedback.


The Secretary’s duties pertain to membership/roster management, group communications, event coordination, and annual Board of Directors nominee process. The Secretary will also be responsible for training the “Secretary Apprentice” position, which will be volunteered by one of the four Director positions for succession through the 4 Executive Committee offices.