The 2022 Legislative Committee is led by:

Wes Butorac – Chair

Anne Lawrence – Vice Chair

David Dondlinger – Past Chair

We have partnered with Weist Capitol Group for monitoring services for the Colorado General Assembly’s Regular Sessions.  You can track pertinent bills here by clicking on the Capitol picture below.

Capital Building Rotunda Icon

Track the Progress of Colorado Bill 21-1100

National Relationships:

RMSA has had representation at the 2017 SFAA Legislative Fly-in, as well as the 2018 NASBP Legislative Fly-in.  Unfortunately, we were not able to attend the inaugural joint NASBP/SFAA Fly-in event in 2019, but we do plan on attending future events.  These trips have been fun and invaluable on a couple different levels.  We have met our Colorado elected officials and their staffs, shared various initiatives regarding the surety industry and provided general education about our product and industry.  We also have spent significant time with NASBP and SFAA legislative staff forming relationships.  These relationships with Larry LeClair (NASBP) and Lenore Marema (SFAA) have paid off in the form of professional help on local legislative priorities and issues that have arisen.

Local Visibility:

Laura Long of Weist Capitol has been integral in helping RMSA increase our visibility at the State Capitol.  We (Laura and RMSA) have attended several surety related legislative committee hearings over the past couple of years.  She has also been an effective conduit bringing RMSA legislative priorities to the attention of key legislative players.  These connections have provided a venue for RMSA to clearly articulate why our priorities are good public policy (mainly P3 bonding requirements).

We also had an awesome ‘Day at the Capitol’ in February 2019.  Roughly 15 RMSA General Board and Legislative Committee members attended an afternoon session at the Capitol Building.  We received a guided tour of the building, and then met with several state legislators and staff members including Steve Fenberg (Senate Majority Leader), Darrin Raff (Senior Policy Director), and Andy Karsian (CDOT’s Legislative Liaison).  Our message consisted of general education of the surety industry and reinforcing the importance of bonding P3 projects.

Local 2019 Legislative Involvement:

As a recap to our activities from the 2019 Colorado General Assembly Session, please see the following as a summary of RMSA Legislative Committee efforts over the past year:

  • SB19-138 – Bond Requirements for Public Projects Using Private Financing
    • RMSA was involved in this multi-year effort led mainly by the local Subcontractor’s Association.  This bill requires bonding on any construction project located on public property using private money, public or private financing, or public property (the long way of saying ‘P3’).  RMSA and the surety industry at large (NASBP and SFAA) were integral in drafting the bill language to ensure the Surety Industry’s interests were preserved.  NASBP and SFAA both recognized RMSA for our efforts over the past few years.
    • Here is NASBP’s recognition of the P3 bill passage from a May 9th, 2019 NASBP Pipeline publication
    • RMSA was also one of only 3 LSA’s across the nation to achieve the 2019 SFAA Advocacy Award for our involvement in helping get the P3 bill passed.
  • HB19-1043 – Life Care Institutions Post Surety Bond As Reserve
    • RMSA attended the Committee hearing to offer our testimony and support of offering a surety bond as an option of regulatory financial assurance required for Life Care Institutions
    • This bill was passed expanding the surety product in Colorado
  • SB19-196 – Colorado Quality Apprenticeship Training Act
    • This bill started out with a requirement changing Colorado public procurement code to a ‘best value’ system versus today’s standard ‘low bid’ selection process.  Jeff Weist (of Weist Capitol) was involved along with AGC in participating on behalf of the construction industry on this bill.  Ultimately, this bill did pass with increased prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements, however, all transportation jobs are exempt from the changes and public work remains procured through the ‘low bid’ method.

2020 and Beyond:

We do not have any burning legislative priorities moving into 2020; however, 2019 is an excellent example of how being present and involved in the legislative process is nothing but a good thing for the local surety industry.  We plan on continuing to work on local relationships with the help of Jeff and Laura.  We encourage any thoughts, ideas, potential priorities, or general feedback from RMSA membership.  Please feel free to reach out the RMSA Board or me directly.We are also interested in bringing on new help within the Legislative Committee.  We currently have the Committee set up with 3 members….Chair (Will Pfanmiller, Swiss Re), Vice Chair (David Dondlinger, CNA), and Past Chair (Andrew Musarra, Liberty).  Thus, joining the Committee is a 3 year commitment.  Just speaking for myself, becoming involved in local legislative issues and making a couple trips to DC has been extremely rewarding.  Please let us know if you might be interested in learning more about joining the RMSA Legislative Committee.